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The most expensive phone number ever.


I give this website to people who ask for my phone number

Every time I go out to a nightclub a bar or in the street I am accosted by dozens of boys. They always ask me the same thing.

My phone number.

On instagram I have thousands of pending requests

And I’ll probably never answer any of them…

But today… I’m offering you this unique chance to get in touch with me whenever you want.

I didn’t decide this

I asked my community on 0nlyfans

I let my fans makes all the decisions in my life.

I decided to ask them whether I should give out my phone number to strangers who ask for it….

I made a poll… And they decided that I should sell my phone number $ 5000 to few people who can afford it.

live with laurie

Maybe it’s too expensive for you

But luckily there is a cheaper way to connect with me

If you want to know more about me…

Have a look at my secret pics…

And even chat with me on a regular basis (I always answer my messages there)

You can simply subscribe to my OF account…

It’s a nice way to get acquainted with me, stay connected.

And also take the next decision that will change my life

I know not everyone has 5000 bucks to spend on my phone number…. Even if it’s totally worth it

You can follow me there

Contact :


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