My life is in your hands!

No, this is not a joke, from now on I have decided that I will no longer make the important decisions in my life.

The one who will make them for me is you.

-Meet my fans in real life ? 

-Quit the school ? 

-Bet my entire salary at the casino ?

What will be the next poll ? It’s in your hands !

Laurie Live with me

They made me dump my ex

Whenever I want to make a decision in my life. I will post a poll You will be able to answer it. Like a caring boyfriend, lover or confidant you will have a special place in every decision I make. I will share everything that happens in my daily life. I hope you will share yours with me too! I want to be able to advise you and be by your side.

I am offering this opportunity to 25 people today. Send me a message right now and join me so you don’t miss the next survey. You’ll have a front row seat to see the consequences of these votes.

And that’s not all! You can also submit your own polls!

Lauriefvr Poll

It's much more than virtual

Live with Laurie

I’m not crazy 🤪

If I decided to offer you a place in my life it is not by chance

My name is Laurie, I am 23 years old, I am still a student in and I live with my parents in Paris.

To understand who I am I have to tell you about myself :

I am very successful with guys.

But it was different before

It was even the opposite when I was younger…


I used to be ugly

In high school I was neither beautiful nor popular. To be honest, I didn’t have many friends and the pretty boys weren’t interested in me. 

While the kids in my class were having their first parties, I was spending my nights mining diamonds on Minecraft.

I’m not telling you my life story to complain.

I got my revenge on the pretty boys at school a long time ago. Thanks to puberty. It’s them now who are after me. 

You’ll tell me: “That’s great, she must be happy now.

except that …

Vote for me
Map Minecraft
My map on Minecraft
Me at 12 years old
Pokemon Game
My Pokémon evenings
Mon compte Tinder
Mon compte Instagram

My life was not exciting ❄️

Where are you normal guys ?

I don’t reply to my messages on Instagram, I always get the same messages on Tinder and I flunk the stupids guys at parties. The reason is simple…

I don’t have a feeling with these boys. The same ones that ignored me in middle school. I grew up during my teenage years with shy, geeks . I couldn’t find a boy who fulfilled me or understood me. So I decided to embark on this crazy experiment.

Today I want to live a unique relationship, to be able to advise you, to give you my opinion on your decisions. To offer you a feminine look in your life.

25% of the profits from the subscriptions are donated to an association that fights against loneliness and bullying. 

My friends were all against it !

I opened my 0nlyfans account in secret

My crush even blocked me when he found out I was on 0nlyfans.

I didn’t know who I could trust anymore…

I was tired of having rules imposed on me, so I decided to open up to some lucky guys on OF.

Mind you, I’m not like any other girl on this site, I’m not here to harass you to force sell you some pictures of my 🐱 

41.34% of the content on the internet is p*rno so if you’re looking to see girls get f*cked :

This account is not for you !

On the other hand, if you’re looking to build a trusting relationship, chat when you need to and follow my adventures, then we might just hit it off! 

Send me a private message, I’m connected right now 🟢

live with laurie

I am waiting for your answer

I am transparent with you

Why are you doing this?

I decided to spice up my life, I was tired of having rules imposed on me, so I decided to open up to some lucky people on OF. But like I said before, you won’t find naked pictures of me on my feed.

Why the number of Followers is limited

I am obliged to limit the number to be able to answer everyone


19,99€ only for the first 100 today! The price will double afterwards.

Can I cancel my subscription ?

Can be cancelled at any time and at no cost! The billing on your statement will show “OF”.


Yes, I personally reply to every post! I don’t use a community manager like some girls

Can I submit polls ?

Yes, you also have the power to propose your own surveys!

Click here!

You can decide what will be the next poll !

You have the control. 

Contact :


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